Approach & Parking

There is a tarmac drive from the main road (A518) to car park and then again to the farmhouse drive.  You enter the farmhouse garden from the side drive up 7 sandstone steps (6inchs high) to the front patio and the house is entered via one small step (4.5 inches) to the front door. The house can be accessed through a back gate which has no steps and this can entered from the farm court yard. The back garden gate however, is kept locked for security purposes, but can be unlocked on request. There is a portable ramp that can be used up to the front door, if required. There is plenty of outside lighting, which is on throughout the night.

Ground Floor

Entrance Hall

The front door opens onto the main hall. The dining room and a downstairs toilet can be accessed from the main hall.  The guest lounge and farmhouse kitchen can be accessed from the dining room.  Lights are on timers in both the hall and the landing, going on at dusk and off at dawn.

Fire Exit

In case you exit via the front door, there is a spare front door key hanging by the front door for use in an emergency. There is one staircase which is the access to the front door. The house has an electric fire alarm system and emergency lights are on all floors.

Downstairs Toilet

This toilet is accessed from the main Hall into a small hall area. The other rooms from the small hall are private and not accessible to guests.

Dining Room

The Dining Room (24ftx20ft) is on the ground floor and is accessed from the Hall, it has two doors which open out onto a small court yard with a small step (2.5inches to threshold and a step out of 6inches).

The Farmhouse kitchen is also accessed from the dining room, which has an external ba

First Floor


The landing is accessed by thirteen stairs (7.5inchs) from the ground floor.

The landing has original wooden floors with matching rugs on all the landings. At the top of the stairs there is an old wash stand, which contains a telephone for guests to use in case of an emergency or to contact a member of the family. The telephone system has extensions, which ring in different parts of the house. There is also a water dispenser and a shoe polishing machine on the landing.

Guest Utility Room

This room is situated off the long landing and has been created for guests’ convenience, with a fridge, microwave, toaster, washer, dryer, iron and ironing board. There is a step down (5.5inches) in the hall way to this room.


The Rose Room (16ftx13ft) has a double (22inches high) & a single bed (24inches), a chair, en suite shower and is accessed from the landing. 

 The Lemon Room (15ftx16ft) has two double beds (both 22inches high), a sofa, an en suite shower and can be used as a family room or twin room, it is accessed from the landing.

The Eucalyptus Room (16ftx14ft) is a family room with a double bed (24inches high) & bed settee(18inches),with an en suite bath/shower facilities.  The room has an adjoining door to the Lavender Room with a small step. The room is accessed from the landing with a small step(4.5 inches) into the bedroom.

 The Lavender Room (13.6ftx22ft)has a double bed (20inches high), a sofa and en suite shower. The room has an adjoining door to the Eucalyptus Room which is accessed by a small step (3.5inches). The room is accessed from the landing.

The Peppermint Room(12ftx8ft) has single bed(24inches) room with an en suite shower and chair. The room is accessed from the long landing. There is a step down in the hallway leading to this room. 

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Guest Reviews

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5
 A good room, and a very comfortable bed. Very relaxing. So good to be able to have the dog with me - and a lovely breakfast. I hardly needed to eat for the rest of the day! 
Chris / Oct 14
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